XNA Game Studio 4

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Build games for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 with the tools provided in Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Based on the .NET Framework, XNA Game Studio makes multi-player game development easier with custom-managed code libraries, Xbox Live Support and Games for Windows Live Support.
Combine XNA Game Studio with App Hub to enable aspiring game developers to affordably build and play their game ideas on Xbox 360 systems. Follow the steps below to gain access to a free 12-month Student Membership (a savings of the $99 USD Xbox Live annual membership fee):
  1. Visit the App Hub and click on “Join to submit your apps & games”
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. Sign in with your Windows Live ID
  4. Create your App Hub account. Select “student” as the account type. If you do not have a valid student account, follow the prompts
  5. Game on!

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